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100% Real Natural Stone

All pricing in USD

Veneer thickness 1", Full Bed 3" to 5"

Flat stone priced per square foot and Corners per linear foot

Volume Discount & Freight are calculated after you Add to Cart

Each natural stone piece is individually cut/split, processed and hand stacked for shipping; we do not sell faux siding or panels

1 sq ft  provides enough stone to cover 1 sq ft of wall using standard 1/2 inch mortar joint on all sides

Natural Beauty that Speaks for Itself Customer Service with Genuine Care

Our Commitment

Natural stone is distinctly beautiful, and our product is processed with industry leading precision and experience. Every stone piece is literally hand touched and inspected before send-off. We take great pride in every stone we deliver, as well as each client project we feel privileged to supply. We thank you for your visit, and look forward to serving you.

Dave Hammond, Owner/Operator

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Tumbled Natural Stone Veneer

Tumbled Natural Stone Veneer

We get a lot questions about our tumbled stones, so below we'll show a few samples of tumbled vs. non tumbled. Tumbling achieves the look of aged w...

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