Stone Slabs - Elite Blue Granite


Our Elite Blue Granite is an beautiful stone for a fireplace hearth, mantel, kitchen counter top, bathroom counter or shelf, bar counter top, or speciality art deco project. Each stone slab is one of a kind, with beautiful natural variations in color and vein structure within the stone, yielding a magnificent show-piece. 

Add to cart from our pre-loaded size/specifications, and/or contact us to discuss custom/specific requirements. 

Surface Options: Polished (light or heavy for shine), or Flame Treated for texture/character and rough surface

Polished - We can polish the surface to create a shiny and smooth finish. You'll see the vibrant artistic tones within the stone. No two pieces are the same, so herein we show a few examples, but the beauty and lure of this type of product, is that each customer has something truly unique. 
Flame Treated - We use ultra high temperature flame to effectively burn the surface of the stone. This breaks up certain elements of the stone, leaving behind a textured surface, that creates a truly unique and mesmerizing show-piece. It's wildly unpredictable, and you end up with an artistic masterpiece that takes natural stone for home construction to a whole new level. 

Edging - Chiseled Ends or Sawn Ends, Squared Corners or Slightly Rounded Corners

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