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Natural Brick & Stone Depot is an online supplier/distributor of Natural Stone Thin Veneers, Full Bed Building Stone, and various natural stone products. We sell and ship direct to builders, designers, contractors, and individuals in USA and Canada. We service large-scale commercial contracts, home construction builds, and DIY home renovation projects. We offer all customers volume based builder/contractor discount pricing, easy check-out, and reliable customer support. is operated by ship2user, an E-Commerce Business Solutions provider, founded in 2004 by Dave Hammond, of the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. A family run business, the key objective is to provide a user-friendly and efficient platform to source and purchase your product, be a brand ambassador for our partners, and maintain 100% customer satisfaction. For more on Dave please visit "Dave's Backyard Reno". 
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All pricing is in US DOLLARS (USD) unless noted otherwise.
Showroom - A few short videos of the showroom are posted here; all of the stone sample boards you seen in these videos are posted as individual products on this site, and discount priced for online shopping.
Samples - While there is a showroom in SW Ontario, Canada, our business is entirely online, and we sell/ship product throughout North America. In fact most of our business is based off pictures and discussion. If a sample is required, you can order/purchase a small amount of any stone(s); a typical sample box is 7 sq ft of flat veneer + freight charge (calculated at check-out). Before completing a sample size order, please contact us. 
Blending - All of our showroom products can be adjusted/blended to obtain your desired look (stone type, cut design, dial-up/down on particular color/stone, tumbled vs. non-tumbled, etc). If you don't see what you have in mind, please contact us with some pictures or a description, and we can help find a match or something very similar. 

Building Stone vs. Thin Veneer - Most stone types can be processed as either a thin veneer or full bed thickness building stone. Veneer thickness is an average of 1" vs. building stone is the same stone but cut/processed to average 4" thick. If you see and like a particular stone or blend that isn't listed on our 'Full Bed Thickness' page, please contact us to discuss. 

Calculating square footage - 1 square foot of veneer or full bed stone is calculated based on providing enough stone to cover 1 square foot of an area using a standard 1/2 inch mortar joint in both the vertical and horizontal joints. If using random shape or shaped pieces, you will need to allow for waste allowance, and if you lay dry stack, you will need to allow for even more waste. Flats are sold by the square foot, and corners are sold by the linear foot. Each linear foot of corner, covers roughly 1 square foot of wall space.

Waste - We recommend a minimum of 15% (ideally 20% or more) in quantity be added to your order to account for waste, provide adequate stone selection (particularly during the final stage of install, you will want stones to choose from), and to provide supply buffer to ensure you have enough to complete the job. 

Corner Piece 'Returns' (length of each end) - With highly skilled and industry leading precision processing, our Veneer and Building Stone Corner Pieces are known as the "most beautiful returns in the Country". Our corners are produced with up to 8+ inch returns, occasionally even longer, yielding a strong, enduring, and superior look. Corners are sold by the linear foot. 

Customer Care - We treat and consider our customers, as our friends and our partners. Natural Stone as a facade is so very special, for it's unique, captivating, and endearing beauty. Choosing the right stone is an incredibly important decision, and it's a process we respect. We care about you and your project, and look forward to celebrating with each customer, an end result that inspires all who see it. 

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