Dozzi Oakville Limestone Blend - Tumbled Thin Stone Veneer - Flats

$11.39 $12

Price is per square foot; approximately 12 lbs psf

These are flat pieces

Corner pieces sold here 

This Blend is comprised of: 

50% Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock (a natural weathered face)
30% Harvest Gold Limestone Squared (natural bed face)
20% Harvest Gold Limestone Ledgerock 
This Ontario Home was recently renovated, incorporating natural stone both on the exterior, and also the interior. All of the natural stones were tumbled, but the weatheredge was tumbled lightly vs. the Harvest Gold Squared had regular tumble, and the Harvest Gold Ledge was tumbled hard. This custom blend really shows the extent of various options - stone type, cut, and finish can all be modified to suit your liking. 

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