Jake & Cheryl's Custom Blend - Thin Stone Veneer - Flats

$15.43 $16.24

Price is per square foot; approximately 12 lbs psf 

These are flat pieces

Corner pieces sold here

This 4-stone blend consists of: 

55% Elite Blue Granite Squared 
10% Elite Blue/Brown Squared 
20% Georgetown Light Squared - Tumbled 
15% Eden Mills Rustic Ranch - Tumbled 
Jake & Cheryl liked the color, sparkle and veining in the Elite Blue Granite, but wanted the buffs, tans and browns found in the Georgetown and the Eden Mills. Notice how precise and tight the mortar joints are and were tooled to a recessed joint. Also notice the Georgetown Light (large squares) and the Eden Mills Rustic Ranch (more brown pieces) were tumbled, but the Elite Blue Granite was left untumbled. This kept the added sparkle and beautiful veining in the Elite Blue Granite to its maximum potential. Noteworthy on this installation is how clean the stones were kept. We recommend keeping a sponge and water close by, in the event you get mortar on the stone where you don't want it. 

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