Midnight Black Squares and Rectangles - Thin Stone Veneer - Flats

$11.38 $11.98

Price is per square foot; approximately 12 lbs psf

These are flat pieces

Corner pieces sold here

For this particular sample board, we noticed how different pictures look, impacted by angle and lighting while photographing. Top left stone seems to boast a mirage of character, leaning into some complex earth tones. Generally this stone type is quite dark, hence the name Midnight Black, but this sample serves as a reminder that natural stone can yield all sorts of tones, tints, shades, etc. We've included a few shots, but we also encourage you to also look at other sample boards in this site that use the same stone type, and collectively, you'll have more refined view of what to expect.

Looking at the pictures of the house under construction, two things:

1. Stone looks much darker vs. the sample board. It's a cloudy day, which always seems to impact the look of photographs. But also the mortar joint is black on this house, which really bolsters the dark/black look of the finish product; and

2. "Squares and Rectangles" will arrive gently 'squared'. That is to say, masons will typically trim on sight to suit the look desired. In our sample board, we have heavily trimmed, creating more straight line look. But on this house, they've left as is, so you see more of a rough line, or approaching a 'random' look. If you plan to trim more heavily, budget for time/labor, and overage to account for waste. 

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