Weatheredge Limestone Bed Face - Thin Veneer - Split Face Sawn Height Tumbled - Corners

$25.42 $26.75

Price is per linear foot 

These are corner pieces, tumbled, sawn height (dimensional stone with sawn heights of 2 1/4″, 5″, 7 3/4″, 10 1/2″)

For flat pieces see main product page here

Weatheredge Limestone (Bed Face Rock) is light to medium gray in color with semi-vibrant golden & beige accents throughout the stone. When we guillotine this stone with the grain, it becomes very colorful and keeps its vibrant colors even in sunlight, compared to some other limestones that fade over time. This stone is a best seller, and most describe as a subtle, warm, rustic, and cozy appearance. On this particular house, the lintels (above windows) and sills (under windows) are made from the same stone, however the lintels have a bush-hammered face, and the sills have a hand chiseled front face. These finishes are comparable to the split or tumbled finish on the facing stone, along with other finish possibilities, like regular split face, sawn and textured, or polished. For custom lintels and sills, please contact us. 

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