Elite Blue Granite Flagstone, Random Oversized, Sawn and Textured Finish



Sawn and Textured Flagstone is a different spin on a traditional product. While this flagstone keeps its random and irregular shapes and sizes, the surface has been cut perfectly smooth and finished to yield a unique texture that provides excellent foot traction even when wet. Sawing and Texturing the flagstone brings out the unique blend of colors and characteristics of the stone while giving a surface that’s easy to maintain. Granite stone is highly durable and ideal for foot traffic and winter maintenance. 

For walkways and heavy traffic areas outdoors, we recommend a thickness of 2" or 3". Indoor flooring will often utilize our 1 1/2 inch thickness, however larger than 5 s.f./pc is not recommended with 1.5 inch due to weight/integrity of stone pieces. 

To aid in longterm care and maintenance, some customers will choose to seal the stone after installation.

Fading is not an issue with our Elite Blue Granite stone. 

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