Creemore Estate Blend - Weatheredge Limestone with Tan Accent - Tumbled - Full Bed Building Stone

$12.71 $13.38

Price shown above is per square foot (we assume an average of 40 square foot coverage per ton). Coverage will vary depending on waste, trimming on site, mortar joint thickness, etc. 

1 full skid is ~1 ton (2,000 lbs), so if ordering by the ton, please multiply the # of tons required by 40, and enter above. If clarification is required, please contact us. 

A full load truck is 23 tons (max). 

Our full bed thickness building stone has average thickness of 4 inches, with typical range of 3 to 5 inches.

Creemore Estate Blend is a mixture of:

  • 40% Weatheredge Limestone Bedface, Squared
  • 25% Weatheredge Limestone Bedface, Random
  • 20% Guelph Buff
  • 15% Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock Splitface 

NOTE: In the pictures shown here, this particular mason applied thick flush mortar joints using a light beige tinted mortar, and to a small degree, a slurry effect while applying the mortar. This creates a look similar to what many refer to as whitewashing or lime washing, to whiten the overall look. Joint thickness and depth, as well as the mortar color and any addition wash-techniques can have a dramatic impact on the final look of the project. We found this particular project to be quite inspiring, and the final result is truly captivating.

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