Stone Veneer

What is a Stone veneer

Manufactured both naturally and artificially, Stone veneers are used to protect inner walls and surfaces or to replicate the natural stones. These generally are one inch thick and are much lighter in stones. Natural stone veneers are carved out of natural rocks from quarries, while the artificial ones, which are more common, are prepared by mixing concrete into different forms and then painted so as to make it look like a real stone. Backed by composite rocks they are also fabricated by sandstone, mica schist. The advantage is the variety and the cost at which these stones are offered.

Where can it be used

It can be used to give a classic or a vintage look to the exterior walls of your home.

Stone Veneers can be used for gate-fencing and backyard columns to give the house an elegant look.

They can be used in the kitchens and bathrooms walls so as to get the desired complexioned walls.

They can also be used in the fireplace to give at any type of desired look pertaining to the wide range of variety .


Stone Veneers are one inch thick pieces of stone slabs used as a protective layer over brick walls, instead of building an entire stone wall. Stone veneers are now often used as a decorative purpose as it provides a natural rocky look to your indoors. They are low maintenance and can be made with natural stones as well as manufactured stones. Natural Stone Veneers are as durable as any other stone wall. We have a wide range of stone veneers with different textures and shades to suit your interior well. The product’s high adaptability is often a natural fit for even the most innovative developments in design. We can provide you with a wide range of veneer stones and help you pick the right one for your site.


1. Durability of Natural Stone Veneers for a Long-lasting Purpose

Durability is one of the prime characters that one looks for while designing a project. Any developer, builder or architect knows the value of durability. The low maintenance option that veneer stones offer is a big advantage given to its high durability.


2. Natural Stone Veneers for Rocky Interiors

Stone veneers provide a natural finish to your structure and are very easy to maintain. A pressure wash will do and they are good to last long. Veneer stones provide a sleek modern finish, looking well assembled and neat enough for an inviting look.


3. Low Maintenance for Large Lobbies and Water Soaked Surfaces

Veneer stones require negligible maintenance, a great benefit in case of large projects. Exterior veneer stones can stand the test of time without much attention. They can be used in fountains and ponds for easy maintenance of water soaked surfaces.


4. Easy Application for Self-made Designs

Veneer stones are well known for their easy application. You don’t have to be any mason to use it, just apply them directly over a brick surface and they are good to last. Have your own personalized structure and Stone veneers can help you give it a rocky look. You won’t be disappointed.


5. Interior or Exterior Applicability

Exterior Stone veneers are excellent for outlasting projects and can be used in any given structure to give it a rocky finish. Stone veneers provide an all-natural look making it adaptable for all projects. Natural Stone Veneers suit well from your fireplace designs to your bathroom walls.

Stone veneer is stone that has been cut to a consistent thickness and weight for use where regular full stone cannot be used. Sometimes referred to as thin stone veneer. Stone veneers average about 1″ in thickness so it can be added almost anywhere. Stone veneer can give your home the look it deserves and offers durability that can last a lifetime.

Stone veneer can be made of real stone or manufactured. Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone, but weighs much less.

Stone veneers allow you to take your creative inspiration to another level in and around your home. You can use it to create unique interior or exterior settings. Whether you choose indoors or outdoors, stone veneers add character to your living spaces.

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