7 Best Custom Home Builders / Contractors in Toronto that will Transform your Home

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Renovating your home will not only add value to your home, but also makes your home more attractive, appealing, and comfortable to live in. However, you have to choose a well-known and a professional for your home renovation to be successful. Although choosing a renovating company can be stressful, it is better to choose a trustworthy and reliable renovating company or GTA based Toronto contractor for the job.

Before we dive into the list of the best home renovation experts in Toronto, here are some import facts around home renovation and rebuilds that everyone needs to know about.


Although home renovations and many new builds can be very messy, time-consuming and costly, many Ontarians still choose this path. Home renovations are done for many reasons. We’ve recently pooled together a survey listing the 7 major reasons our clients (people like yourself) would call home renovation experts or contractors in Toronto.


    a major importance of home renovation is that it increases comfort and the amount of enjoyment experienced in the home.


    for homeowners with plans to sell their houses, renovation often increases its value and market price.


    Home renovation may include adding a second bathroom or a patio. This depends on the needs and size of the family.


    Updating your home’s style is an importance of renovation as it gives it a more modern and attractive look


    Home Renovations are important in preparing the house for resale. It will help to attract more buyers to the house, as well as increase the asking price that can be made when you’re ready to put the home on the market.


    Buyers are more attracted to energy efficient homes. These are homes that have energy-efficient appliances, lights, windows and may be even made from recycled or reused materials. Renovating your home by adding insulation, a heat pump or new windows makes it more efficient and attracts buyers.


    Home renovations are also done for safety reasons due to age or extensive weathering. It can include electrical repairs, it can also be for the repair of a leaking roof or a crack in the foundation.


Below are the seven bestcustom home builders or contractors that you can choose from in Toronto to help transform your home:

  1. Alphyn Construction Custom Home Builders Toronto


    Alphyn construction is a custom home builder that specializes in creating beautiful and elegant homes for their clients. Alphyn construction is also flexible, so they can work with you based on the design you want for your home. They are experts in what they do and have close to twenty years of experience of renovating and building both commercial and residential buildings in Toronto area. Alphyn construction also has a team of building professionals that derive joy in ensuring the customers are highly satisfied, and also ensure you get the best value for your money. They have built a lot of buildings in well-known areas in Toronto like; Moore Park, Bedford Park, Willowdale, Leaside, York Mills, and many more. So, you can trust them to design the major renovations you need in your home.

  2. Sosna Custom Home Renovations Toronto



    Sosna has been able to beautify and add a touch of newness to homes in Toronto. They have been in the business for the past fifteen years, and they are an award-winning home renovation company. Many of their contracting clients in Toronto want to work with Sosna because of the following reasons:

  • They are a see-through Toronto Contractor: Sosna does not increase the price of their services along the line of renovating. You already know the amount you’re paying before the commencement of the job.
  • They finish every home renovation on time, and in an expert fashion. Sosna prides themselves on always delivering on time, and not also abandoning the project halfway too.
  • The home under Reno is treated like their own. The properties in the home are handled with utmost care during the process of the renovation. Then they reduce the amount of dust, so the properties won’t be covered in dirt.
  • Sosna always delivers a amazing job as they ensure that everything is done in the exact design their customers want. All their staff are fully licensed and established contractors that range from expert electritions to master plumbers to expert cleaning service men and everything in between.


    Alair Custom Home Builders in Aurora understands the total value a GTA home offers its dwellers. From first contact, they listen to their customers first and learn the things that are very important to you, and then use their professional knowledge to bring what you want to life. They are ever ready and willing to work with you, regardless of where you live in Toronto. They are a team of highly skilled professionals that works with each customer from the beginning of the project till the end of a breathtaking home transformation. They also offer an exclusive ‘client control service’ that lets their clients track their budget and cost throughout their online customer service platform. Alair homes is a group of committed home improvement experts that will help in turning your custom home dream into a reality. Be sure to consider this custom Home builder – their reputation precedes them!


    M- squared are Toronto based contractors that specialize in custom home additions and renovations. From the start of a Toronto home renovation project at the initial design consultation to the end of a renovation or custom build, M-Squared Custom Home Builders and Contractors always ensure they serve all their client’s needs. Furthermore, they have an excellent reputation in Toronto of over hundred years. So, you can be rest assured that your renovation or custom home building work is in the right hands! Their work experience of over 100 years means that a client can enjoy a top relationship with the top professionals that have been in the business for a very long time. M-Square believes that the symbol of any renovation is in the beauty of the small details that are often overlooked because of a bigger project or work.

  3. Custom Home Rennovation Experts in Toronto


    :Custom Home Renovation Inc. will help you come up with creative home improvement ideas that will maximize the usability of your budget. This company’s goal is to always exceed the customer’s expectation by providing exceptional home contracting services at a competitive and affordable rate. Their Home improvement services can be found in GTA and surrounding areas including Vaughan, Brampton, Aurora, Woodbridge, Pickering, King city, Mississauga and much more.

  4. Ashton Expert Premium Custom Home Builders in Toronto



    Ashton’s renovations have been offering a creative approach to home renovation for over twenty years now. They are one of the Toronto’s leading home renovations and contracting companies. They provide a holistic approach to custom home renovations in that they provide consumers with a full spectrum of services that range from whole house renovations to custom bathroom and kitchen renovations.


    : Walden Custom Homes will make you fall in love with your home over again. Additionally, Walden’s team knows how details like an approaching celebration is very important for you and your family. So, their highly skilled teams always meet up with the agreed time and nevermakes false promises. This GTA custom home builder will ensure that all the client’s expectations are met every time. Walden Premium Custom Homes ensures they conduct thorough research to give you a precise and accurate estimate. They try to always prevent cases of sudden increase on the agreed price during the time of the project. These custom new home building specialists are a force to recon with in the GTA as they ensure that they will build a home of the utmost quality all within the budget you set.


So what are you waiting for? Call one of these custom home builders or contractors to get the home of your dreams! Most of all , be sure when they finish to give us a call! You may be buying or have spreading bought a new home…These essential Mattamy Homes Upgrades will ensure you get the most of your new build as well! Here are the newest Mattamy Homes Models in Milton& Oakville you should check out! Whether you have a new or to-be-renovated custom home – all homes still need windows and window coverings! Don’t sweat it, our window coverings specialists can help you out! Give us a call today to see how we can deliver you happiness one window at a time. We make it a priority and give you the BEST window coverings on the market in Toronto. We also service Oshawa, Oakville and surrounding regions. We’ll be waiting for ya :) 


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