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30 Home Builders Shaping Ontario’s Communities

30 Home Builders Shaping Ontario’s Communities

Ontario and specifically The Greater Toronto Area are a crucible for home builders, with break-neck market development and fierce competition. However, competition leads to creativity, and these residential development companies have left their mark and have impacted thousands of lives in Ontario with their wonderful housing projects. Looking for a home builder? Start here.

Astral Development

Sixteen years of experience building homes in the GTA is a great pedigree for Astral Development. This company tackles diverse projects, from ground-up construction to renovation, and even design and finish. The company prides itself on respecting their clients’ custom specifications to the letter.


Photo source – Astral Development

Construct & Conserve

Based in New Tecumseth, Ontario, this company specializes in custom luxury homes which it builds throughout the GTA. Their craftsmanship with wooden homes is award winning, and their range of preferred materials includes timber, log, modular, straw bale and even traditional stick frame. Construct & Conserve also works with many home companies who require custom built show homes, which has cemented their reputation as a fantastic home development company in the GTA.



Enmar Homes

The famous Italian passion for excellence and attention to detail are embodied in Enmar Homes, the project of Ennio and Mary Cancelli. Established 12 years ago and now backed by 25 years of experience, the company specializes in renovations, custom-built homes and even land development. They work all over the Toronto area, but most of their projects are concentrated in  Dufferin, Lawrence, Yonge and Eglinton.

Photo source - Enmar Homes

Photo source – Enmar Homes

Empire Communities

With over 10,000 new homes and condos built, and another 20,000 planned, Empire Communities is both prolific and innovative. It’s a remarkable feat to combine 20 years of hands-on experience, built on over 30 years of family know-how. But Empire Communities doesn’t stop there, adding the extra kick of modern ingenuity. They define themselves as community builders, rather than simply developers. That says a lot about the company philosophy.

Photo source - Empire Communities

Photo source – Empire Communities

Granite Homes

Based in Guelph, Ontario, Granite Homes has over ten years of experience building custom homes. Their projects range from the affordable to the luxurious, and they pride themselves on their ability to adapt to the client’s needs.


Photo source – Granite Homes

Great Gulf

Great Gulf is one of the hardiest and most experienced home development companies in the GTA. Over 40 years they have built 40,000 homes, which is truly an impressive number. During the last decade, they have won thirty awards, including Home Builder of the Year, Ontario Builder of the Year, Best High-Rise Building Design, Low-Rise Builder of the Year, Best Suite Design and even Most Outstanding Bathroom.

Photo source - Great Gulf

Photo source – Great Gulf

Leprevo Design-Build

This company was built by the same family that runs it now, over 40 years later. Leprevo Design-Build handles custom home building, major renovation, restoration, architectural services, interior and exterior design and even land acquisition throughout the GTA.


Photo source – LEPREVO Design-Build

Maki Construction

Maki Construction is a full-service building and construction company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. Almost two decades of experience have established the company’s reputation as upholding a high standard of excellence and dedication to creating amazing custom homes and office spaces.

Photo source - Maki Construction

Photo source – Maki Construction

Maple Leaf Custom Homes

Based in Ottawa, Maple Leaf Custom Homes are obviously very proud of their Canadian roots and the influence they’ve had over the Ottawa area throughout their 15 years of business. The company’s philosophy centers around the pursuit of excellence, and they specialize in building fine homes for demanding clients.

Photo source - Maple Leaf Custom Homes

Photo source – Maple Leaf Custom Homes

Mayfair Homes

Toronto-based luxury home building company Mayfair Homes has a reputation for fantastic flexibility when working on a client’s home. Their ability to adapt on the go to the shifting and constantly refined demands a client may have has become their hallmark. They achieve this remarkable flexibility by encouraging constant and thorough communication and by having an excellent professional team.


Photo source – Mayfair Homes

Modus Homes

Modus Homes holds one principle very dear: building few homes at the same time is the only way to ensure top notch quality and attention to detail. Their 25 years of international experience in residential, luxury and executive development have honed this unique perspective to a fine edge, and they now focus exclusively on residential work.

Photo source - Modus Homes

Photo source – Modus Homes

New Amherst

Based in Cobourg, Ontario, a stone’s throw from the shores of Lake Ontario, New Amherst homes draw heavily on nature and an ideal of easy, balanced living. This design and construction philosophy is reflected in the old world charm their homes capture. New Amherst also includes landscaping design in their projects.

Photo source - New Amherst

Photo source – New Amherst

Omega Homes

With services in Ottawa, Greely, Manotick, Cumberland, Carp, Dunrobin and Kanata, Omega Homes is truly a major name in residential development in the Ottawa area. They specialize in modern, stylish homes, and they uphold the single-source responsibility core principle. This has helped them build the great reputation the company enjoys.


Photo source – Omega Homes


With over 30 years of experience, Richcraft is a company known throughout the Ottawa region for impeccable attention to great design. The group has built 16,000 homes throughout its decades of activity, and has won numerous design awards. Quality of design and of materials used are the main pillars that Richcraft relies on, and they have helped them set a high standard of excellence.

Photo Source - RICHCRAFT

Photo Source – RICHCRAFT

Rock Cliff Custom Homes

A family business started by Roman Rockcliffe, Rock Cliff Custom Homes provides both traditional and modern designs primarily in the Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga real estate markets. The concept of family plays a central role in their design philosophy. Creating homes that can withstand the test of time for multiple generations is important to the company. They design in such a way as to provide a timeless aesthetic.

10 Chartwell Rd - Canvas-15

Rosehaven Homes

With almost 25 years of experience, Rosehaven Homes has built over 4,500 homes in communities across southern Ontario. The company is famous for innovative exterior and interior design, which has garnered them numerous architectural design awards throughout the years.

Photo source - Rosehaven corporate

Photo source – Rosehaven corporate

RS Homes

RS Homes is a custom luxury home builder with over 30 years of experience working in the GTA. They tackle ground-up design and construction, exterior home remodeling, interior renovating and general contracting with the same solid work ethic and dedication to the client’s vision.

Photo source - RS Homes

Photo source – RS Homes

Seaman & Sons Builders

Starting from a background in carpentry and the furniture business, the grandfather of Seaman & Sons Buildersfounded one of the savviest and well-reputed residential development companies in Ontario over 60 years ago. The torch has been passed on, but the principles remain unchanged.

Photo source - Seaman & Sons Builders

Photo source – Seaman & Sons Builders

Sensus Design and Build

Sensus Design and Build specializes in streamlining the client’s vision and opening up opportunities by meticulously controlling budget and communication. Working throughout the GTA, this company has made a mark by implementing these “behind the scenes” principles, and the results are reflected in their clients’ satisfaction.


SeventyNine Construction

Based in Toronto, but working throughout the GTA, SeventyNine Construction is a design build contracting company specialized in renovation and addition. Of course, they also tackle new builds with confidence, as one of the premiere residential developers in the GTA. Modern, streamlined and sleek, SeventyNine Construction has earned a great reputation as one of Toronto’s leading players in residential design.

Photo source - SeventyNine Construction

Photo source – SeventyNine Construction

Slotegraaf Construction

Working primarily in the Cambridge-KW-Guelph-Milton area, Slotegraaf Construction has 35 years of experience in home renovation and residential development of the highest quality. Their ideal is to build multi-generational homes, and they adhere to lofty standards, letting the quality of the homes they build speak for them.

Photo source - Slotegraaf Construction

Photo source – Slotegraaf Construction

Structure Design Build

Structure Design Build specializes in new build projects for luxury homes, with a reputation for innovation and fantastic attention to detail. They tackle a very wide range of designs, including Traditional, Colonial, Transitional and Modern. The company is well known in the Greater Toronto Area, both to individual clients and to real estate investors.


Photo source – Structure Design Build

Sutcliffe Homes

Doug & Lorraine Hutchison founded Sutcliffe Homes in 1986. In the 30 years since, their company has developed into one of the premiere names in residential building in the GTA. Sutcliffe Homes has a very flexible team and a solid site management system. This allows them to tackle very varied projects, big or small.

Photo source - Sutcliffe Homes

Photo source – Sutcliffe Homes

Tamarack North

Specializing in lakefront residential estates and luxury homes, Tamarack North has 25 years of experience in the field. They offer a vast range of services, from design and engineering to obtaining building permits from municipalities. Tamarack North is known for efficiency, streamlined communication and stress-free project management, all with the client in mind.

Photo source - Tamarack North

Photo source – Tamarack North

The Conscious Builder

Based in Ottawa, The Conscious Builder wears its heart on its sleeve. With a motto like “Healthy. Innovative. Sustainable.“, clients with a green mindset know who to turn to for their home building needs. This company’s design philosophy adheres to the principle of a heightened awareness of the impact a home has on the environment.

Photo source - The Conscious Builder

Photo source – The Conscious Builder

The Reno Pros

As the name suggests, The Reno Pros specialize in home renovation. From basement to attic and everything in between, this company can handle any project, and update any space to the most modern standards and trends. The Reno Pros have a very serious team of in-house contractors, which is why they have a very good reputation for efficiency and transparency. They operate in and around Toronto.

Photo source - The Reno Pros

Photo source – The Reno Pros

Toronto M-Squared Contracting

Founded by two professional contractors with complementary skill sets, Toronto M-Squared Contracting applies high standards of project management, in builds and renovations throughout the GTA. Their core belief is that good construction requires good communication and transparency, as well as a strict respect for timelines and budgets.

Photo source - Toronto M-Squared Contracting

Photo source – Toronto M-Squared Contracting

Viceroy Houses

A new company on the GTA residential development market, Viceroy Houses specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing panelized and pre-cut custom home packages. The goal of the company’s approach to development is to offer clients the most affordable custom homes possible. Viceroy Houses ships custom homes throughout North America, and even internationally.

Photo source - Viceroy Homes

Photo source – Viceroy Homes

VLC Custom Homes

VLC Custom Homes is a full service building contractor based in Windsor. The founders of the company draw on their experience of lifelong exposure to the home building industry. Their teams are also comprised of seasoned professionals, which gives VLC Custom Homes an edge when it comes to building homes that are meant to last.

Photo source - VLC Custom Homes

Photo source – VLC Custom Homes

Walden Homes

Walden Homes was founded over 25 years ago and operates in the Greater Toronto Area. The roots of the company lie in Montreal, with the family home built by the founder’s parents. Walden is all about transparency and directness in communication. Hiding nothing and always staying “on the level” has earned this company a positive reputation with clients, as this no-nonsense approach is very refreshing.

Photo source - Walden Homes

Photo source – Walden Homes

If you want to learn more about how to shape the inside of your home, check out this list of 30 interior designers in Ontario.

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